How To Wear A Newsboy Cap? Wearing It Like This...

"How to wear a newsboy cap" is often asked in our daily life. Choose a newsboy cap that fits comfortably in a tweed or wool material, and add it to your fall and winter outfits for a charming addition.

What is a newsboy cap?

The newsboy cap can trace back to the early 1900s, which was born out of necessity.  A newsboy cap, or a paperboy hat, can be seen on the workers, and the rappers that showing what they want to express。

The newsboy cap (also called the newsie or paperboy hat) is a type of flat cap that has notable differences from the driving cap or ivy cap. It has a larger, fuller crown made from 8-panels of fabric sewn together, instead of three solid panels stitched together on the sides. The crown is much floppier and folds over on the sides and in the front. It often has an accent button on top.

Why wear a newsboy cap?

Newsboy cap is suitable for some informal occasions. With fashion items, it looks very casual and young. In addition, the newsboy hat gives people a wise feeling and makes you look very connotative.

Best way to wear a newsboy cap?

First of all, don't get one that is too big for your head. Newsboy hats already have ample crowns. If you buy one even a half size larger it will look too floppy. 

When worn correctly, a newsie capfits with the sides draped down to your ears on each side of your head and the brim fairly low on your forehead, shading your eyes. It should not be worn tilted up or back on your head.

How to wear a newsboy cap for men ?

Like David Beckham and his newsboy cap collection, many Hollywood stars are also known to wear one, such as Jason Statham. To get this look, try an all-neutral palette against a darker colored cap to really make it shine. Wear a rollneck, smart tailored trousers with a long camel coat and leather gloves for the full-on, old school gangster feel.

How to wear a newsboy cap for girl ?

Striped and denim, including denim jacket, and this cap will be the perfect add on to your everyday go-to look. This is an easy way to ease into the newsboy game while still remaining comfortable and casual with the rest of your fit.