2023 Canton Fair: Final phase of trade expo opens in Guangzhou

The 133rd edition of the Canton Fair has entered its third and final phase in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Over the next five days, textiles, fabrics and clothes will be showcased alongside other products. CGTN's Omar Khan has the update. 

OMAR KHAN, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province "Over 4-point-5 billion dollars' worth of exports were generated in the second phase of the Canton Fair, which featured toys, home decorations and a variety of other consumer products. And with the final phase now upon us, exhibitors and buyers from around the world will look to wrap up this trade expo in similar fashion."

In its final stretch, the Canton Fair is showcasing textiles, clothing and garments in its third phase. Despite coinciding with the ongoing Labor Day holiday, exhibitors are still keen on finding business.

TRACY GENG, Sales Manager, Huayi Hats "We want to make some new customers, and want to make some new markets such as more European customers and some other customers and other areas. We just want to export our brand."

GARCIA MARTIN MONTSERRAT, Head Designer, Loostar "We have of course high expectations; we hope that the clients come again as they did before. That everything is back to normal, so we are so excited to be at Canton Fair as always, good products and good quality. So now let's see it's the first day, we are expecting that people come and visit our booth. But as always, we are so happy to come back here, so hoping to be here for lots of years."

The trade expo will wrap-up on the 5th of May, concluding an event that has pleasantly surprised many with its turnout and trade facilitation. Many are still hailing the return of face-to-face business.

CHARLOTTE JIN, Sales Manager, Yiwu Huize Import & Export "Firstly, we're hoping to see and meet with clients that we haven't seen for a very long time. We're also looking for new opportunities to develop our sales here. And of course hoping that business here in China and at the Canton Fair can be better and better."

Alongside the fashion-focused goods, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are also being put on display, as well as a rural revitalization products exhibition area.

Omar Khan, CGTN, at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.