Hat Size Chart

Maybe you have found a perfect hat for yourself, now it’s time to make sure it fits you. Without a proper fit, your hat may fall off and not offer the sun protection you need or fit too tightly, which can be uncomfortable. So how do you determine your hat size? Now this hat guide will walk you through the hat size chart guidelines (including adult hat size and children hat size), measurement suggestions, some common size questions and some hat brands' size chart, such as Stetson hat size chart, New Era hat size chart.

Determine Hat Sizea

Below is the hat size from our factory. It is known that different suppliers do in fact follow different sizing metrics. So, the chart, although universal, may vary from one hat maker to another. Despite that, we decided to take this a step further and offer the closest thing to a universal metrics system that caters to both men's hat size and women's hat size.

Adult hat size chart

Whether you are looking for a cowboy hat, fedoras, or baseball caps, you can measure your head size with our hats that you can use to shop for all types of hats in the future.

Generic hat sizeUS hat sizeHead size in inchesMetric size
XS6 5/820 3/453
Small6 3/42154
Small6 7/821 1/255
Medium7 1/822 1/257
Large7 1/422 3/458
Large7 3/82359
Extra large7 1/223 1/260
Extra large7 5/82461
XXL7 3/424 3/862
XXL7 7/824 7/863
XXXL825 1/864
XXXL8 1/826 1/265


Children hat size chart

Fit is so important when it comes to picking a child's hat. Below is a table of children hat size chart.

Generic hat sizeUS hat sizeHead size in inchesMetric size
Small6 1/819 1/849
Small6 1/419 1/250
Medium6 3/819 3/451
Medium6 1/220 1/452
Large6 5/820 3/453
Large6 3/421 1/854
Extra large6 7/821 1/255
Extra large721 7/856


If you have any questions, email us at info@huayihats.com and we will be happy to assist you with your hat sizing questions.

How to Measure Your Head

Hat size is based on the circumference of the head. In order to determine your proper hat size, you must take a measurement of your head.

The easiest way is to hold a piece of string and measure around your head where the hat will sit. About an 1/8 inch above the forehead and ears. Then place the string next to a tape measure and compare to our hat sizing chart. If your sizing falls in-between measurements use the next size up. Looser is always better, as some hats generally have an elastic sweatband to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Directly, you can use a tape measure. Be certain that the tape measure is straight, not twisted. Record your measurement in centimeters for the most accuracy if possible.

Most Common Hat Sizing Questions:

What hat size is a large?

60-61 CM. This is for a large head. This is our standard size XL and is the largest size we offer in most styles.

What is average hat size?

58-59 CM. This is our medium size and is for an average sized head. This is the size we recommend as a ‘standard’ or ‘average’ fit.

Is hat size 7 small medium or large?


Stetson Hat Size Chart

Many companies provide unique sizing charts for each of their hats. Your Stetson should be reasonably snug so that a light wind can’t blow it off of your head, but it should not be so tight as to cause discomfort or distraction. Now Stetson walks you through the steps to find your hat size. Click here to learn more.