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Distressed hats handmade
Distressed hats handmadeDistressed hats handmade
Distressed hats handmadeDistressed hats handmade

Distressed hats handmade

Item Number: 1012042701772568

Colors: Full Colors

Headband: Customizable

Material: 100% wool

Brim Width: About 9.5cm

Crown Height: Front: 11cm back: 11.5cm Right/Left: 13.5cm



1. This vintage felt hat is constructed of 100% Australian wool. Australia produce the best wool in the world, which is more skin-friendly, excellent breathability and soft, ductility than other ordinary wool.

2. This fedora features a center dent crown, wide brim and interior cotton sweatband.

3. The classic design, bright colors and excellent craftsmanship represent its unique personalities. Our hats are used as a tool of shading, heat preservation and protection, and showing individual character as a fashion hat as well.




1. HUAYI HATS is the leading hat factory in China; we provide high quality hats to the word famous brands; exquisite craftsmanship and quality control are our priority.

2. We provide OEM, ODM and whole sales services to customers all over the world.

3. We provide customizable services for headband, sweatband, trim, embroidery, metal logo, printed logo, etc.

4. MOQ for custom styles is 60pcs for per color per style.