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5 Inch Wide Brim Western Straw Cowboy Hat Ventilation Design For Summer Wear

5 Inch Wide Brim Western Straw Cowboy Hat Ventilation Design For Summer Wear

This mens wide brim straw cowboy hats features a UV protective underbrim that provides ultimate protection from the sun. The chin strap feature makes it ideal for all outdoor activities. The tear drop bubble crown is a high inch tall pinch. The brim is 3.5 inches wide. This style is made of burned raffia straw and finished with a brown leather band to give it the trademark look. This one has the detailing that will quickly make it your favorite. Casual and comfortable, this raffia straw hat has a shapeable brim and the ventilation that helps to keep you cool.

  • Material:Raffia Straw
  • Size:5 Inch Brim
  • Style:Western Style
  • Shape:Wide Brim
  • Model Number:2032001500200002
  • MOQ:200 pieces

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Customized Straw Hats 

Each straw is custom shaped by hand to your specifications before it ships. Our quality custom straw hats are made with care from start to finish so that you can enjoy a durable and long-lasting everyday hat.

What customization is possible?

In the customization of your ideal straw hat, you can choose the colors of the hat itself, materials, the type of marking or ribbon, the logo, etc.

Hat styles

Everything from the classic and timeless styling of the straw fedora hat, straw cloche hat, straw skimmer hat, to the straw panama hat along with western styled straw cowboy hats.


Find the perfect color! Our straw hats come in a variety of colors, such as red, black and white, navy, etc. They are fade resistant and can compliment most spring and summer outfits.


You can choose from different materials for your straw hats. Raffia straw, wheat straw, palm fibre, mat grass, paper straw are common for these hats.

Decorative band

One hat, more options! You can get the versatility of having multiple hats, while needing to bring just one superior quality straw hat along!

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The time frame of an order delivery is divided into two parts:

OEM Hats:

  a) Product time: 30 Business Days

  b) Standard Shipping: 30 Business Days

Wholesale Hats:

  a) Product time: None

  b) Standard Shipping: 30 Business Days

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cowboy hat

sun hat

wide brims


beanie hat fedora



all the styles


pork pie hat


wide brims







wide brims

cowboy hats