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Black fedora hats
Black fedora hatsBlack fedora hats
Black fedora hatsBlack fedora hats

Black fedora hats

Item Number: 1092051000010002

Colors: Full Colors

Headband: Customizable

Material: 100% wool

Brim Width: About 9.5cm

Crown Height: Front: 10.5cm Back: 11.5cm Right/Left: 13cm



1. This felt hat is constructed of 100% Australian wool. Australia produce the best wool in the world, which is more skin-friendly, excellent breathability and soft, ductility than other ordinary wool.

2. This wool fedora features a teardrop crown, strip headband, stiff wide brim and interior cotton sweatband.

3. The creative design, bright colors and excellent craftsmanship represent its unique personalities. Our hats are used as a tool of shading, heat preservation and protection, and showing individual character as a fashion hat as well.