What is IWTO Combined Certificate

          Wool certificates provide information to the users and buyers of wool. Every wool bale offered at auction is tested to confirm the wool’s quality and characteristics. Nearly all wool is bought and sold with an IWTO test certificate.

         IWTO licenses laboratories around the world to issue IWTO test certificates, the “gold standard” in the industry. These wool-testing laboratories are audited annually and conform to the international standards set by their local standardisation body. The IWTO laboratories test the wool to international standards and according to the wool testing specifications set out in the International Wool Textile Organisation’s White and Red Books.

         Wool is a natural fibre and each batch will vary largely in length, colour, fineness and content. Testing is performed with a grab sample, a sample of the wool taken from the centre of the bale.

Huayi Hats IWTO

Baoding Huayi Hats Co.,LTD IWTO Combined Certificate

C_O From Australia

       On the basis of control carried out, it is hereby certified that the information herein is correct and that the described goods comply with the origin requirements of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Baoding Huayi Hats Co.,LTD C_O


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