We offer a comprehensive service for customizing felt hats. You have the freedom to personalize a variety of aspects such as material, color, trims, size, logo, packaging, and more.


How We Control Quality

From Material

From Material

Huayi Hats choose quality pure wool from Australia, in order to ensure high quality and best function for every felt. And we developed LUXE FELT, which is made with high quality cashmere. This kind of fur is very rare, and it only takes 0.2% ratio in the all production of animal fiber. After this creative development, wool felt hats become lighter, softer and more functional.

From Workmanship

We are introducing advanced pipelines, involved designing, production and inspection. Various talented people are invited in Huayi Hats, which improve our ability of development. Our hats are made from more than 70 working procedures, such as wool fur cleaning, felts making, blocking, and collecting and so on. We pursue provide the most superior products for you.

From Workmanship

From Inspection

We have many quality inspections before the hat products leaves the factory. In addition to the inspection department of the factory, our salesmen also carry out quality inspection on the products before shipping.

Pick Custom Your Felt Hat

We Provide A One-Stop Felt Hats Customization Service

What Customization Is Possible

A customized felt hat is completely made by your specifications. By using forgotten hat maker's trade secrets, we build some of the finest felt hats for you.These hats can be completely customized with color, brim size, crown shapes, trim, sweat band, woven label, logo and so on.

Hat styles

The hat styles can come in a fedora hat, as well as pork pie hat, trilby hat, boater hat, bowler hat, cowboy hat or top hat, etc.


We are pleased to offer over 74 felt hat colors to choose from, such as black, pink, white, blue, tan and so on. You can also customize the hat according to the Pantone color card.


You can choose from different materials for your felt hats. 100% Australian wool are common for these hats. And you can get them in wool & cashmere (the same effect as beaver fur), or varifelt (the same effect as rabbit fur) as well.

Decorative band

Different look in different band. You can choose one color for your hat and an alternate shade for its decorative band, such as a leather band, rope band or a silk ribbon, etc.


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How much does a custom felt hat cost?
They are typically your cheaper hats. Again the price depends on the quantity of the felt hats, the color being used in the hat, the hat accessories and so on.

Can crushable felt hats be shaped?
Using a lint brush or the adhesive side of tape will remove dust and dirt on wool hats. If your wool hat gets out of shape, you can use steam from a tea kettle to reshape it. Hold the hat in the steam and allow it to soften. You can then reshape your hat to its original shape and then let it cool down before wearing. Always place a hat upside down on its crown if you do not have a hat rack for storage.