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We offer a comprehensive service for customizing fabric hats. You have the freedom to personalize a variety of aspects such as material, color, trims, size, logo, packaging, and more.


We Provide A One-Stop Fabric Hats Customization Service

What Customization Is Possible

Our newsboy cap's casual look can be customized according to your own style. All our mens newsboy cap are manufactured according to the highest standards in this line. We never stopped committing to providing you the great product, time-critical delivery and best service. The customization of newsboy cap is available in hat styles, color, material, logo, pattern, size and so on.

Hat styles

The hat styles can come in a mens newsboy cap, as well as womens newsboy cap, 8 panel newsboy cap, etc.


Available in a medley of classic colors - including black, brown, grey, navy, and so on. You can also customize the hat according to the Pantone color card.


We carefully choose materials for our newsboy caps and hats. Headwear is to offer above average comfort. That is why we willingly use materials such as 100% wool, wool blend, cotton, linen, Harris Tweed or genuine leather.


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What is a newsboy cap called?
Newsboy caps are often referred to as flat caps or ivy caps, but that's a mistake. Unlike a flat cap, which has no bagginess, a newsboy cap is sewn together from the top of the hat creating eight panels — as such, a newsboy cap is often called an eight-panel or gatsby cap.

Do flat caps suit everyone?
If you are a lover of classic style, then a flat cap will suit your wardrobe no matter your age or occupation. Sized properly, they flatter nearly all face shapes and they can be styled to suit casual, informal and formal attire.

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