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Cloth Cap Is Important In The Eyes Of Special Forces


The helmet is a very important piece of equipment for the soldiers. On the battlefield, the helmet can resist the fragments and the streamers, thus protecting the safety of the soldiers. Therefore, the helmet becomes a very important equipment for the soldiers on the battlefield. In any case, wearing a helmet during the battle will have a much higher chance of survival. However, we found that special forces in many countries perform their duties, the special forces do not wear helmets, but instead wear cloth caps. What is the reason for this?

1. The helmet is too cumbersome. During the mission, the special forces have to carry a lot of equipment. Now wearing helmets will only speed up the consumption of special forces, the helmets are not airy, especially on hot days. With a helmet, this is a torment.

2. Insecure, the special forces usually perform secret missions. Many times they are embedded in the jungle. It is easy to make a sound with a steel helmet.

In contrast, the cloth cap is not only a lot lighter, but also can be shaded and breathable on a hot day, while still ensuring its own concealment. Therefore, for special forces, the cloth cap is the best select. We have Cloth Cap China and Cloth Cloche Hat for sale.

Cloth Cap Is Important In The Eyes Of Special Forces