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What is an Ivy Cap?


Dating back to 14th century England, the Ivy Caps is a popular type of flat cap that boasts excellent function with minimalist style. Ivy caps are generally made from wool, cotton, leather and other high-quality fabric blends. As their name implies, they feature a flat panel and rounded shape. Most ivy caps attach in the front to a hard brim that both provides protection from the sun and helps the cap keep its shape.

Cloth Ivy Caps are generally made from solid-colored materials or from classic patterns such as plaids and herringbone. They’re sewn from the back forward and are generally made from two to three strips of fabric. The top of the hat is made from one solid panel of fabric so that it boasts a smooth, seamless appearance. On some ivy caps, a small snap holds the body of the cap down to the brim. Other caps are finished with a small stitch to attach the cap to the brim. Almost all ivy caps are lined in silk or satin for added comfort and warmth.

Ivy Caps