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Bobbed hats for women with bobbed hair


Of course, the iconic hat of the Jazz Age was the cloche, which is French for “bell.” Understand that not everyone can pull off this look. You needed to have a small head and a short “bobbed” haircut. These Cloth Cloche Hat were worn low over the eyebrows making visibility difficult. Women walked with their chins up and eyes cast down creating an air of conceitedness or feminine independence.

The brims of the Cloche Hat were so slight that the New York Times called them “an apology for a brim.” Starting in 1924, when cloches were readily established as the hat style, brims were a mere 2 inches at most. Some curled up, some angled out like a mini visor, and still others pointed down. By the end of the decade, brims were non existent. The bell-like fit was now a true 

Cloth Cloche Hat