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Children Felt Hats are fun. As an object to revolve a story around, a hat is a perfect fit. Let's take a smattering of examples:

Hats as a bridge to learning about history and as a file cabinet for important letters and papers: ABE LINCOLN'S HAT.

Hats as head covering for chemotherapy patients and as an object helping to sustain hope: KATHY'S HATS.

Felt Hats Styles as metaphor for a person: MADELINE AND THE BAD HAT.

Hat as superhero: THE HAT (Ungerer).

Hat as a valuable item for barter: THE SCARECROWS HAT.

Hat as an eccentric and highly individual fashion statement: MISS HUNNICUTT'S HAT.

Hat as a good luck charm: MY LUCKY HAT.

Hat as an article spurring recall and story telling: MISS FANNIE'S HAT and AUNT FLOSSIE'S HATS (AND CRAB CAKES LATER).

Hat as an old friend and companion and as a metaphor for change: UNCLE NACHO'S HAT/EL SOMBRERO DEL TIO NACHO.

Children Felt Hats