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Difference between Beret Manufacturer, Cloth Baseball Cap And Felt Hat


The detailed knitting method of Beret is No. 4.5 bar needle. I call this thread "music scoreline" and the dosage is about 100 grams. Weaving method: start with 70 stitches, weave 4 lines of single rib, start with the fifth line and add 8 stitches for each line, add stitches for each line, when weaving to 10cm, weave two lines of flat stitches, and then start to shrink. The method is to reduce 8 stitches for each line, shrink to 24 stitches, and then shrink to 12 stitches at one time, and then tighten with thread.


How to wear a Beret? According to the style of the beret, the shape will be different. And the subtle differences in the position of the head will have different styles and auras. The most regular way to wear it is to wear it directly on the head, which has a full retro charm. Generally, all kinds of Berets can use this kind of wearing method, but if the head is bigger, you should be a little careful with this kind of wearing method, and you can't directly buckle it on the forehead, which may make the forehead appear larger, making the proportion look very strange. The popularity of Beret has made it popular among Beret hat manufacturer.

Cloth baseball cap has different functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. Therefore, there are many kinds, and the choice is also exquisite. 


There are three types of human faces: a square face, a round face and a sharp face. A round face with a round cap makes a big face and a small-cap. It's better to wear a broad cap. People with pointy faces wear a cap on their face, which is bigger and smaller, and more skinny. So it's better to wear a dome hat. All hats are suitable for people with Chinese characteristics.

Wearing a baseball cap is the same as wearing clothes. We should try our best to develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even if we are satisfied with wearing it, we should make people look elegant. Hat form and color must be matched with clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies wearing glasses, do not wear hats with complicated decorations on them. It is not suitable to cover the forehead with hats. The hats should be higher, so as to show your natural and elegant demeanor and temperament. The size of a man's hat is the number of centimeters around his fingers, so it's very convenient to choose. But considering that some hats need to be shrunk after washing, they should be slightly larger when buying. Generally, adult men's capsize is 55-56, the children's cap is 50-55 and baby cap is 42-46.

The "plain" Wool felt floppy hats do not need complicated technology. And there's no exaggeration and exquisite decoration. But it has always been an "attractive" existencebecause the rich color is enough.



Fox hat is a classic style in a felt hat. After all, it has bright colors, lovely shapes, and plush texture.