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Panama Hats Produced In Ecuador


If you ask someone else, "Where did the Panama hat come from?", the answer is that it is produced in Panama. In fact, Panama hats are produced in Ecuador and are an important export handicraft in Ecuador. In 2012, this specialty of Ecuador was listed by UNESCO as a list of human intangible cultural heritage.

Although the Panama hat is made of simple materials, it is expensive because of its exquisite craftsmanship. The best straw hats often take more than three months to make. Top-quality Panama hats are known for their flexibility. They can be rolled into a slanted triangular cylinder like a white paper. They can be stored in a cylindrical box. When they are worn, they can be opened without distortion and without any folds. Traces, which is also one of the important features distinguishing Panama hats.

The Panama hat is divided into 20 grades, prices ranging from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and a good Panama hat must have been hand-woven from Ecuador's Dorje grass.

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