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British Hat Culture


In the UK, you can see that many social customs are related to hats. If a male guest visits his friend, he must remove the hat after entering the house. If you go to a friend or relative for a dinner, you must not only take off your hat when you enter the restaurant, but you should also hang the hat or put it on a nearby chair instead of putting the hat on the meet acquaintances on the street, if you are a woman, you just have to nod or smile at the person or say hello, but if you are a man, when you meet a woman acquaintance, you usually have to Cap off.

This kind of hat-representation and respectful customs are also reflected in the English language. For example, the idiom "hatinhand" in English means "very respectful". The other idiom "takeone'shatoffto(someone)" literally means "to take off one's own hat", and its meaning is to "respect someone".

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